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Welcome to the Kidsonet

This clinic was founded by Dr. Mary Zimmerman MD on January 5th, 1992.

Since those times we were vocal in expanding both the number of pediatric and related services we offer, just as well as the size of our team of skilled and caring pediatricians.

All in all, our medical facility for minors provides a range of therapy services to children aged 0-18 years of age and their families.

Our mission is helping families affected by crisis, illness or loss. Proving professional assistance we try to create a better future for children and a secure present for their families. For more than 30 years, we have helped hundreds of parents build stronger families. Our well thought-out programs are intended to help both young parents and those families who have two or more kids develop the inner strength. In addition to the strength-based programs for parents, we also provide staff training. With the purpose of growing our community, we try to implement a high impact approach.

Our journey started in 1992. Back then we were only making our first steps in learning how to assist young parents and help them grow strong families. We began as a team of five. All we had was a van that was taking us from one location to another. We were spending most of the time on the way to the houses of our clients. One of our key traits is that we can respond to your calls immediately and leave for your location right away.

In a year, in 1993, we decided to move to a permanent location. This is when we started offering services as a certified medical center, which provides family support to individuals all over the state. Because of the close cooperation with the families that we served, we managed to gain a deeper insight into those families and provide a more qualified assistance. We began working on the curriculum for a strengthen-based parenting program. Now you can try how the program works on your own.

The problems of immigrant families are also under the focus of our attention. Our staff is specialized in providing a separate curriculum for the parents raising bicultural children. In our center you will learn how to educate a caring and loving individuality, who respects the values of both cultures. In you are not sure whether the services that we provide will fit you, you can first come and try. Functioning as a non-profit organization, we do not take money for our work. If you wish, you can donate.