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Our designers and stylists create more & more original clothes from year to year. We also deal with journalism in fashion industry – members of our team educate and employ new editors, photographers and journalists who promote new trends in modern fashion.

While other fashion websites offer different range of clothes from various clothing manufacturers, we make a great difference in comparison with our competitors. In 2005, when our company appeared, we decided that our appearance in the world of fashion should completely change the established trends for the better. That's why today we value aspiring and talented people more than designers and stylists with the incredible reputation. Their reputation means nothing when it goes to creating something extraordinarily original and captivating, whether it is a new summer collection or a fresh issue of your favorite fashion magazine.

As a unique solution for designers, stylists, fashion journalists and clothing manufacturers, our website provides a wide range of services and products connected with the world of fashion. Here we combined the top features of a fashion blog and made it a starting ground for aspiring journalists while also organizing an educational center for designers and stylists. For 10 years of our activity both on the Web and during various fashion shows all around the world, we have been offering members of our team a unique chance to become a part of the fashion industry and make a significant contribution to it.