My story

Once and future friends, welcome to my website. Books and writing will more than likely dominate the subject matter here, but I'll also have much to say about politics, religion, music, theatre, movies, and so forth.

I believe in transparency and directness. I don't subscribe to the theory that one should present "the professional writer" face on one's website, shunting everything else to other venues.

"Professional writer" is but one role I play.

If you decide to try our services, you may be curious to learn more about our working process. First of all, we give you the freedom to choose the writer who will complete your assignment. Then, this person gets fully involved in the research process, collecting all the important data for your paper. The next steps include the arrangement of the information into logical portions, formatting it according to the specified requirements, and writing an appendix to it. Once the paper is completed, our proofreader comes into play. He edits the text and checks its uniqueness by means of special software. In the end, you get the ready-made paper for further discussion and possible changes.