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Mommi is a digital union of international designers with the office in Hamburg, Germany.

The main goal of the union is to promote creative ideas of people who are just starting their career in the fashion business or want to make a professional breakthrough in this competitive and very specific industry.
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Not ordinary bunch of fashion lovers

Mommi is a project that gives you such a chance. With the knowledge of the fashion industry and a wide network of contacts it allows young designers to bre<>ak the wall and find their unique place in fashion.

The world is competitive like never before and in order to make the dreams come true, you have to use any possibility to make a statement about your talent.

Trending Clothing Ranges

by Super User

Although this OG method is still going strong, a whole new wave of style “bloggers” are upsetting the system by ditching the website entirely and focusing solely on social media. Not to be confused with DJs, models, fashion editors, or It Girls (who occupy an entirely separate sphere of Insta-fame), they have built their numbers gradually and from the ground up. Thanks to their unique aesthetics, and that je ne sais quoi quality that ...


Street Style, New York Fashion Week

by Super User

This newly famous jewelry master Mark Armstrong Peddigrew is also an avid traveller. Born in the land of most spectacular North America’s landscapes – namely city of St John, Newfoundland in Canada – he nurtured a fancy for everything antique all the way back from his childhood. The one he spent in that old-fashioned, europesque looking city.

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