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Customized ocean freight solutions are at the heart of our services.

Our transportation company with 30 years of experience is your best choice for shipping cargo of any size, storage, packing or delivering wares to your customers. Our professional employees will take care of your goods, whenever you send them. You are granted complete control over the process of delivery by phone or by our mobile app. Your freight is tracked every step of the way. We provide a high standard of shipping, regardless of its volume.

If your company needs to establish a supply chain, we have prepared several readymade solutions with flexible pricing rates for you. Our urgent cargo services offer defined time frames for convenience of your business. Our supply chain services include shipping, warehousing, packaging, quality control and distribution. All these steps are well coordinated, so they don’t even need your involvement. We will send you regular reports concerning your supply chains weekly or on request.

Choosing our company as your transportation partner you invest into success of your business. Our reliable service and competitive rates are called to deliver you unmatched customer experience. Just provide us with the information about your cargo, pickup and delivery details, time frame, and budge, - and our specialist will find you a solution with the best performance/price ratio.

Our security standards are the highest on the market. We use only vehicles with the best defense rates to ensure your safety during transportation. Our security guards are well-trained and have experience in combat operations. You can choose the level of security that will suit your needs. While our core company is in charge of escort services in the USA, our partners will provide your security worldwide.

We use only eco-friendly vehicles to carry out transportation. Our carriers have successfully passed all the emissions tests, so if your company states care about nature as your primary feature, it will be true on all stages including transportation. We can additionally certify your products as eco-friendly thanks to our partnership with the largest independent testing agencies.

Our goal is to provide our clients with professional freight services that add value to the overall supply chain and assist our customers in the growth and success of their business with mutually beneficial results. If you want a customized solution, we deliver global coverage, managed costs, and reliable project continuity. When choosing our company, you choose a long-lasting partner that will help you with success of your business.