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KEDS Champion Americana 01

  • Brand: Adidas
  • Product Code: Premium
  • Reward Points: 200
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Keds and snickers became an inevitable part of our life. Either you have a quick pace of your life or a slow relaxed rhythm, there is nothing better that stepping in your favorite sneakers and heading off to to wherever. Regardless, of where you are, your keds or sneakers will make your comfortable. Always.

A long time ago we started our store (it’s been more than 15 years ago) and during this time we’ve opened several stores in different cities. Moreover, in order to satisfy more customers, we’ve launched a website, and now you can order any items which falls into your eye and get it within 24 hours to your door (or pick it up yourself, if you like).

Many of our customers visit our our from the age of several months. We are proud of having opened a kids shoes section which offers keds for kids and snickers for the smallest visitors. For older children there is a huge selection of sneakers which they will love. We work with the best brands, and the best brands work for the best customers.

Apart from the sneakers, here you will find shoes and accessories. Our main principle is to amaze you with high quality and a large selection. And we never stop, achieving this goal. So you can see the result - a big store with a huge choice, a well-trained staff who is always there for you, a flexible return policy and in-time delivery just to your door.

Don’t miss out on the discounts which are regularly run on the website. Subscribe to our newsletter to be in the know of the campaigns and discounts. Customize the color, size and the names on some sneakers (like wedding ones, for example). For those who have decided to wear sneakers on their wedding day, we offer a huge collection of wedding sneakers from the best designers. Make your wedding outstandingly comfortable with them!

We’d love to hear your feedback on our product and customer service. With every request we become better for you, and with every piece of positive feedback we realize that we succeed in doing this. See you in sneakers!

Decor Sequins
Form Round Toe
Product Details
Composition Coton
Humidity Resistance Rain Protection
Manufacturer Italy
Weight 5 kg
Free Shipping Yes

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