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Derek Zoolander
Derek ZoolanderProject
Derek joined us in 2007, has been Company Secretary since 2010 and was appointed Chief Operating Officer in 2015.
Lily Granger
Lily GrangerProject
While Lily works here only 10 years, her efficiency allowed us to name her a Senior manager of our biggest portfolios.
James Potter
James PotterSEO
Mr. Potter joined us in 2010 as an Investment Analyst and was promoted to Senior Investment Officer. He has long experience as an analyst.
Lionel Hollande
Lionel HollandeLionel
Lionel has joined us after years of consulting for Wall Street’s biggest financial institutions. He studied economics at Harvard University.
Bryan Adams
Bryan AdamsProject
Bryan is an Investments Technologist with a specific focus on the area of surveillance technologies and the transparent strategies.
Craig Ferguson
Craig FergusonProject
Craig joined our team in 2016 as the Grants and Finance Officer to take on financial coordination and financial management of the organization.
Diane Mist
Diane MistSEO
Before joining our expert team, Diane was the Behavioral Finance Specialist at Barclays Americas and London teams in 2007.
Andrew Edwards
Andrew EdwardsInternational SEO
Andrew leads the team on legal strategy and risks. He is a US-qualified lawyer who previously specialized in privacy and property legislation.