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About us

At Plastic Goods, we’re rewriting the way plastic industry is treated worldwide while introducing innovations.

Since 1981, we’ve been pushing the boundaries — in plastics, precision, performance and people. Because perfection is what our best-in-class manufacturing clients need and expect. Our commitment to excellence has helped us grow into a globally recognized and trusted leader in plactic products manufacturing.

Peter Anderson Founder, Managing Director
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Andrew Edwards

Brick and Stone Mason

Andrew leads the team on legal strategy and risks. He is a US-qualified lawyer who previously specialized in privacy and intellectual property legislation.

Diane Mist

Building Contractor

Before joining our expert team, Diane was the Behavioral Finance Specialist at Barclays Americas and London teams in 2007.

Craig Ferguson

Senior Supervisor

Craig joined our team in 2016 as the Grants and Finance Officer to take on financial coordination and financial management of the organization.

Bryan Adams


Bryan is an Investments Technologist with a specific focus on the area of surveillance technologies and the transparent investment strategies.

Company Core Values

At Plastic Goods, you can experience a variety of high-quality plastic
production services provided by skilled professionals.
  • Injection MoldingIn injection molding material is fed into an extruder, where a reciprocating screw melts the material then injects it into a mold.
    Secondary OperationsOur Secondary Operations include many assembly techniques that use the inherent nature of the material to eliminate parts.
  • Mold MakingMold making is the process used to duplicate 3D models that are created with 2 molds - originally and negatively shaped.
    Extrusion TechnologyPlastic Extrusion can meet all of your custom plastic profile and plastic tubing extrusion needs throughout the United States.
  • Design & PrototypingOur design and prototyping engineers are here to provide you with their expert advice to ensure your products’ quality.
    Assembly & AutomationWe use reliable and innovative assembly and automation solutions to supply our customers with high-quality plastics.

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