My name is Jessica Bennett. I am a professional photographer with years of experience. I use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest quality of my works. I want to share them with the audience and show my vision of the whole world. I'm passionate about capturing special moments and emphasizing the beauty of the virgin nature.

I’m an experienced photographer interested in taking perfect shots of various things and people that surround me – from marine landscapes to wild nature. I have a recognized talent in removing boundaries of various photography genres and combine different elements of photography into a single masterpiece of art, designed to captivate and fascinate you.

2015 – MAGNUM 30 under 30, Winner
2014 – The Other Hundred, 1st Prize
2014 – American Photography 30, Selected Winner
2013 – Leica Oskar Barnack Award, Winner Newcomer
2012 – PDN Photo Annual - Student Work, Winner
2012 – AOP Student Awards, Finalist

My work has appeared in printed and online magazines – National Geographic Magazine, The New York Times, GEO Germany, GEO France, Bloomberg Businessweek, Neu Zurcher Zeitung, Leica Fotografie International, Leica M Magazine, NEON, Marie Claire Italy, FOTO8, Reader’s Digest, National Geographic Traveler.