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A Few Words About Us

Our goal is simple: we want to help your business achieve the greatest possible success by providing the valuable services you need at a reasonable cost. We believe all businesses small and large should have access to world-class accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and consulting services.

Any Payment Methods
Joomza team is highly qualified to operate with all payment methods available in the USA and international methods, as well.
Individual Approach
Every client for us is more than important. We put major efforts to meet any demand and to deliver the best service we can.
Low Interest Rates
Interest Rates vary in financial market. Many companies and bank offer low rates, but Joomza’s offer is more than beneficial.
Qualified Specialists
We praise our experts as they are extremely skilled and responsible for their work. If you need any qualified help – we are here!



Statistical Indicators

Depending on your company and the areas you’re aiming to monitor, you may want to focus on certain business metrics in particular.

Company success rides on generating revenue and properly managing your finances. Not having control of your financials can turn key people off your organization.

It’s not only customers that will be scouring your financial data, but also potential investors and stockholders.

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Mortgage at 20% per Annum

When you have a mortgage, a bank or other financial institution in essence owns a portion of your house. The amount you actually own is the difference between the value of your home and the size of your mortgage. For instance, a 6.25 percent per annum interest rate would become 0.0625.


Choose Your Type of Loan with a Low Rate


Sam Peterson founded our company in 1999 with the goal of providing high-quality customer service...
Marta is one of the key figures at Joombiz. She manages all marketing processes that drive the...
Project manager
Peter joined our team in 2010 as a Junior Marketer. Today he manages all Public Relations...


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