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Equipment installation and setup

Internet Provider delivers huge value and super-fast broadband over our fibre to the node network. We also include Netphone with every plan.

Customer support centre

We provide our clients with free 24/7 support that guarantees the solution of any issues with your connection or cloud hosting.

Customer satisfaction guarantee

The amount of our company’s satisfied customers grows with every new client creating satisfaction guarantee for everyone who uses our services.

Reliable and Fast Internet Services

To use the existing telephone line seems to be the simplest way. Today, the technology of the Internet connection through the phone is called ADSL. This system transmits the data in parallel to the talks, does not load the telephone line and provides a data receive rate of up to 20 Mbyte/sec and a data transmission rate of up to 3 Mbyte/sec.

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Unlimited Plus

100 Mbit / sec
Price: $20 / month
Traffic: Unlimited

Unlimited C

80 Mbit / sec
Price: $12 / month
Traffic: Unlimited

Unlimited B

40 Mbit / sec
Price: $7 / month
Traffic: Unlimited

Unlimited A

20 Mbit / sec
Price: $4 / month
Traffic: Unlimited

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