I am delighted by the quality of your pasta and ravioli foods! They taste especially good with the brand sauces but what I like the most about your company is the assortment and affordable prices you provide.

I am truly in love with your company, your tagliatelle is one-of-a-kind! Outstanding quality, cleanliness, and service make Pasta and Ravioli my favorite place to order tasty dishes! Thank you for your service!

I just tried both the Cheese and Portabella Ravioli, OMG!!! I felt like I was sitting in a Gourmet Restaurant. Thanks for the escape (imaginary though it was). With today's economy I can't go to restaurants, but I felt like I was in the finest one tonight.

Just like Mamma used to make! Outstanding quality, cleanliness, and service for their pasta products and delicious items. The best! Don’t cook tonight, forget about it!!!

Very Nice Italian Deli! Every time I walk in it smells so good- like a real Italian deli. They have products that range from Italian cookies & sodas to cold cuts & hoagies.

The staff is helpful and friendly. The store is very clean. Great fresh ravioli and exceptional pasta. It’s a cute place to sit down and have lunch. I highly recommend the Italian pasta - the best one I’ve had in the area!!