Marta Piters

My husband and I have visited twice in the last few months - he likes a deep tissue massage and said Lucy was one of the best he's had. I prefer a foot massage with a little back, shoulders, etc. and didn't get the name of my masseuse either time. This place is located on the 2nd floor in a huge Chinatown shopping center and while we made reservations one time and not the other (and still had no wait) we watched another group get turned away, so if you can plan ahead, it makes sense to call ahead - particularly if you want a certain type of massage. That way you get someone who specializes in what you want, rather than whoever's not busy. It was $90 before tip for the 2 of us (one deep tissue, one foot/body combo) but I'm not sure which was $40 and which was $50 - sorry!

Sara Lee

So this place was so nice and amazing. The staff was so sweet and kind and actually offered a soda, water or wine. I am from D.C. and they always give you crappy yucky soda however they had the name brand soda so I opted for the soda. It was just nice being in a place where the staff wasn't rushing you to get to the next person, the took their time and had great attitudes.


We booked the 90 minute foot and full body massage for two. We were quickly taken back and treated. Would definitely go back but would probably ask for a lighter touch, lol!


We drive all the way from downtown to come get a massage here. We normally get a full body massage and it is great - I have brought friends here as well. The staff are very nice and friendly - you will probably want to call to get a reservation, but they can normally fit you in within a reasonable timeframe. Good prices. Definitely recommend!