Wakeboarding vs. Wakesurfing

If you are new to water sports, you might hear the words wakesurfing and wakeboarding and wonder if they are the same thing. While wakesurfing is similar to wakeboarding in some ways, there are several major differences in terms of equipment, method and technique. Even...

Wakesurfing has becomes one of the newest and coolest crazes to hit Hong Kong’s waters in recent years. While it is a relatively new water sport and an offshoot of wakeboarding, it is gaining popularity among novices and seasoned water-sport athletes alike.

Basically, it is a combination of wakeboarding and surfing, which allows you to enjoy two of the most amazing water sports in one go! Our coaches, along with others from Wakesurfection, work with pro wakesurfers in California, so they were well versed in all the latest wakesurfing tricks.

While wakesurfing is similar to surfing, it uses the waves mechanically created by a motorboat. Wakes from motorboats create waves similar to those found in oceans, plied by traditional surfers. However, in order to surf on a motorboat wave, the boat must be specially designed to create a wave that has sufficient force to carry an adult surfer. Epic boats with their fast fill ballast tanks and port, starboard and centre surf trim tabs create one of the best waves to surf on. Like ocean waves, there is a break and a curl, which wakesurfers can ride and use to perform tricks like dips, sharp turns and spins. So you can enjoy wakesurfing in almost any conditions.

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