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Kate McMillan

Kate is the best expert in eco design. Her favourite materials are wood and stone. With them Kate creates amazing

Eco Designer
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4578 Marmora Road, Glasgow
+7-495-1234567; +7-495-1234568

Stacey is the best expert in eco design. Her favourite materials are wood and stone. With them Stacey creates amazing works. She is also an amazing visualizer who creates the vas majority of our design-projects either for private residences and for commercial ones.

Stacey is known for her exceptional attention to organization and her hands-on approach to management. With twelve years of experience behind her, Stacey approaches every project ready to manage a workflow that is efficient, organized, and ultimately successful.

She is constantly discovering new solutions to issues that arise during the work process and is a dependable supervisor both to her clients and to the production crews that she oversees. Vicky acts as a liaison between the production and design teams and the client throughout the entire process of every BuildWall project. Vicky is the eyes and ears of every project and is a trusted presence both to clients and to the architects, managers, and contractors who report to her.

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Our club is a #1 place for bike professionals and enthusiasts.

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Mountain Biking

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Group Rides

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Road Biking

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Bike Tours

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