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6 things you absolutely must have to become a piano teacher

If you play piano well and you’ve got some extra time on your hands, you have the option of becoming a Piano Teacher. It’s something you may want to consider if you’re looking to earn some extra cash, and this idea is certainly something that has crossed the minds of many who are looking to make a career out of playing their instrument of choice.

While I won’t say it’s easy work, and getting started can absolutely be tough, it’s not impossible, and it can be fun and rewarding in a number of ways. So, what does one actually need to become a Piano Teacher? There are plenty of misconceptions floating around out there, so let me clear things up by talking about what is required, what is helpful, and what you may have heard you need…but which you don’t actually.

Some people who want to be Piano Teachers believe the only skill required is the ability to play some tunes. Technically, this is true, and as long as you know how to perform a selection of pieces and you understand the language of music, the terminology, and the most basic of the basics, you’ll be able to help someone get started on their journey to becoming a musician…but do you really want to be nothing but a beginner’s instructor? If you rely on only a few simple songs you know, your student will quickly outgrow you, and you’ll be stuck looking for someone else to help supplement your income in short order.

Experience playing the piano can come from almost anywhere, and depending on what kind of job you’re looking for as a Piano Teacher, it’s all in how you sell it. Perhaps you’ve been playing since you were very young, and you have a true, deep love for the music. If that’s the case, don’t make something up — just be honest about how much you continue to play these days, how many years you’ve been tickling the ivory, and how much you know. For many parents simply looking to get their children into a beginner’s class, that will be enough!

Some people out there may read this header and think, “Hey, that’s not necessarily true,” but hear me out. As a Piano Teacher, you absolutely need access to the instrument you’re going to be tutoring somebody in for at least one important reason, if not two.

If your student is someone just getting into playing, chances are they might not have their own piano, or perhaps even a keyboard. Such instruments can be big investments, and many people may choose to hold off on spending the money until they know the piano will be used quite a bit. If you want to teach a variety of different kinds of students — children, young people who may have some experience, and even adults — it’s helpful if you either have a piano or if you have access to one somewhere. It’s not required, but you will find you may have to turn down offer after offer if you can’t supply the actual instrument itself.

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