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Dentistry, while primarily focused on oral care and dental health maintenance, has several career options. Dentistry professional opportunities are in demand and available, depending on your educational and professional qualifications. Each dentistry professional — dental assistants, dental hygienists, dental laboratory technicians, etc. — works within a team in order to provide value to their client base. Check out an overview for the diverse career opportunities in the dental field below.

Dental Assistants

Dental assistants provide hands-on help for the dental practitioner. The dental assistant performs preparatory work such as sterilizing equipment, preparing and developing X-rays, and taking impressions/molds of patients’ teeth. Additionally, they guide the patients through their procedures and instruct patients on oral care. More advanced duties may include topical anesthetic, sealant applications, and fluoride applications. Dental assistants may also schedule patient appointments and assist with other office tasks.

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