Welcome to Pristine plastic surgery clinic!

The owner and the soul of our clinic is Dr. Wallbert.

As a long practicing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery expert, Dr. Maxwell Wallbert has been working in a multitude of US clinics... His CV experience spans many years, states and cities, starting with the DDTF Ohioan Plastic surgery clinic in Cleveland in the '80s and finishing with the famous Mayo clinic, before he left his position there to set up his own private practice here, in Dakota...

Since founding this clinic, for the last few years, Dr. Wallbert invested all of his time, money, and medical skills into turning the Dakota's plastic surgery industry around and making a real impact on the lives of the Bismarck's community.

Our office carries Perfecta Rev the revolutionary new bleaching product.

Most patients find they suffer less sensitivity and are getting more pleasing and dramatic results (in a fraction of the time). Patients enjoy the convenience of being able to bleach their teeth at their convenience. The whitening gel is applied to the teeth in a custom-made soft, comfortable plastic tray. The gentle oxygenating action of peroxide gel and finishing rinse of Rev safely removes stains from teeth.

The office also offers Hygiene Education. Our skilled hygienist will instruct children in proper brushing and flossing techniques. The children will be given a tour of the office in order to familiarize them with the procedures and equipment. Interested parties should contact our office to register (you do not have to be a patient).