As an actress I constantly feel the pressure regarding my physical appearance. That's why it's been so important for me to have my liposuction and breast enlargement to happen the right way, which it did...

Amy Warren

While my aging is an absolutely natural thing, I'm working in a business where young looks and the appearance matter. That's why when I was choosing a clinic for my facelift, I followed friends advice and went here!

Eleonore Roosevelt

After having a facelift procedure elsewhere years ago, I felt asymmetric. I went to your clinic hoping for an improvement. Luckily, they were able to straighten me out and more! I’m customer for life!

Adam Smith

I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Dr. Wallbert today! One of my friends recommended this clinic and I am so thrilled and happy that I chose to come here for my procedure. Highly recommend!

Adam Cooper

Dr. Wallbert’s a great doctor and I definitely recommend anyone to visit his office, his receptionist is on point and is very kind, helpful, and welcoming when visiting the office or calling about your appointment.

Amanda Edwards

Dr. Wallbert is an amazing surgeon and amazing man! After being diagnosed with a rare skin cancer, he conducted a 6+ hour surgery ensuring I looked as beautiful as possible and he was successful. Thanks!

Jack Thompson