Gerladina Smith

I began attending this CrossFit and fitness studio just few months after my pregnancy ended. I still had an extra weight problem then. But coaches helped me to bounce back and get to the top of my physical shape again! I'm so grateful!

Gary Lewis

Since I started CrossFit classes at this gym, my self confidence have risen significantly. I can do dozens more of push-ups and lifts than ever before. Now I'm absolutely hooked up for a healthy lifestyle and a life full of physical activity!

Sarah O'Malley

IronMass CrossFit Studio had me at a first fitness workout. It's a truly inspiring team of fitness professionals. They are able to spread the love for what they teach to everyone. Their abilities & enthusiasm are just overwhelming!

Adam Smith

Coming to the IronMass has changed my life in a positive way. It is a blessing that the gym is free and open to the public. I have a lot of health issues and the gym has really impacted my life as well as others. I really enjoy coming daily.

Nick Harris

When I started out I could barely get around but thanks to Coach, Tom Brown who worked with me and did not give up on me, I have now lost 60lbs. I started out at 220lbs. special thanks to Tom whom makes the gym so much fun.

John Anderson

Tom Brown has been my personal trainer at IronMass for the past 4 years. My workouts with Tom are challenging, varied and fun. I am inspiretd by Tom and his example of a healthy, fit and amazingly active lifestyle.