Ultimate Spa Experience

Our Spa Salon is a team-oriented salon and spa that wants you to feel comfortable when scheduling appointments with the therapist that best suits your needs and schedule. With this mindset, we are happy to accommodate guests when their ‘usual’ therapist is unavailable. We also encourage you to try another therapist if their personality, style, price point, or technique better suit you. Our salon operates on the European Level System, which measures the experience and years of dedication of our stylists and colorists.

DreamSpa products combine botanical and advanced cosmeceutical ingredients with the Science of Beauty to bring you the ultimate in professional skincare in a retail form. DreamSpa cosmeceutical anti-ageing skincare products have been developed by award winning Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Becker and Harley Street skin specialists, using ingredients that have undergone rigorous scientific testing. Our aim is to not only radically improve how the skin looks and functions but to also assist the skins circulation, healing process and most importantly, reduce the skin’s inflammation from the sun, elements, pollution, stress and overindulgent lifestyles, that damage the skin from the inside as well as the outside.

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