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A Few Words About Us

Our organization seeks to provide a comprehensive activities program that complements a student's academic life.

We plan, develop and implement supplemental academic, cultural, service and social events both on and off campus for the community. We expect all students to be involved in the campus community in and outside of the classroom.

Students Activities looks to help students get the most out of their years. Through the various leadership opportunities available, staff members train students on the skills necessary to becoming and/or remaining an effective leader. In addition, we offer students the opportunity to cultivate and exercise their leadership skills through committee work and various leadership positions on campus. Our aim is to shape current students into future specialists with high level of skills and knowledge.

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Organized Events
Employed Assistants
Satisfied Students
We strive to provide a comfortable, safe learning environment that anticipates, meets, and even exceeds the needs and expectations of our students. In addition to unparalleled residence life and career services, our numerous support services include:
  • Alumni & Giving
  • Athletics
  • Campus Security & Parking
  • Career Services
  • Center for Student Success
  • Conference Services
  • Dining Services
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Hours of Operation
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Institutional Research and Assessment
  • Library
  • Mailroom
  • Registrar
  • Sponsored Programs & Research
  • Student Accounts
  • University Store
  • Wellness Center
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