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Commuter students are an integral part of student life at College.

As a commuter student, you have access to all of the same social and academic resources as students that live on campus.

In fact, we have set aside space on both the Greenspring and the Owings Mills campuses specifically for commuter students. The lounges include couches, vending machines, microwaves, and space to quietly relax and study between classes.There are countless ways for you to get involved on campus.

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Commuters are an integral part of our community.

James Richard Bernard, the genius of contemporary art, is visiting Los Angeles with his new exhibition at LA Art Center on March, 30. The exhibition is called "The Evolving World", and introduces an absolutely new vision of the modern world including various spheres of our life - social, political, economical, cultural etc. This event will also feature the showcase of artworks by Bernard's colleagues and apprentices who form The American School of Contemporary Art.

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